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Communicate Simply and Powerfully

Here are THREE reasons to work with Atrium Advisers to improve leadership communication and impact


One: We go way beyond old-fashioned public speaking training. There was a time when communication training meant hiring a former actor or radio broadcaster to videotape managers while they gave a short speech, and then critique them. We certainly have a toolkit and methodology to help leaders speak in public, but we go way beyond. That’s because leadership communication is much broader. It includes:

  • One-on-one communication.

  • Leading meetings.

  • Moving conversations forward to results.

  • Being flexible enough to choose the right communication style for the situation.

  • Modeling the desired culture of the organization.

  • Mastering the messages sent to others in the organization, based on how the leader spends time, allocates resources, and relates to colleagues.

  • Building strong working relationships up, down, across, and outside the organization.

  • Translating between technical knowledge and business results.


Atrium Advisers provides unmatched depth and breadth when it comes to helping leaders have more impact throughout their day—way beyond the traditional videotaping sessions.


Two: Improve impact where 99% of communication happens. Most communication in organizations doesn’t happen during the huge speech or conference. It happens in everyday, moment-by-moment communications. These are the times when the leader earns trust and credibility along with the right to lead…or doesn’t. Atrium Advisers has identified these situations, and works with leaders to improve the confidence, flexibility, and effectiveness in key conversations as well as in the hundreds of messages they send each and every day.

Three: Our expertise is customized to your needs. Whether you have a specific individual who can benefit from one-on-one work, a group of leaders, or you want to incorporate our work into your existing leadership development programs, we can customize the program that is right for you. We can deliver results via workshops, one-on-one and group coaching, and even via distance learning to improve virtual communications.

The bottom line: We help leaders have powerful impact when they communicate.


For more information, download our FREE communication assessment and then contact us anytime at to get the conversation started.

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