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Foster Collaboration Up, Down, and Across Your Organization


Stop Struggling with Loss of Productivity and Quality Due to Lack of Communication and Collaboration


Executives and managers share with us that one of their biggest concerns in leading complex organizations are the frustrations that come from poor communication and collaboration across teams, business groups, and silos. The consequences can be dire:

  • Products that have unexpected defects, sometimes leading to risks to customer safety and costly recalls.

  • Delays in bringing new products and services to market.

  • Difficulties getting important initiatives completed on time, on budget, and at expected levels of quality.


While many leaders would like to think that these issues do not apply to them, the fact is that we read too many articles in the business press about organizations that have ignored these issues and the results have been the deaths of consumers. We have seen this in industries as diverse as automotive and healthcare. In industries like technology, we have seen companies lose significant competitive ground due to an inability to collaborate internally. Among universities, we have seen loss in major grants when tenured faculty have not been able to work together effectively to win funding.

Clients come to Atrium Advisers because we are able to cut through the root issues that cause these problems. We see the larger picture with an objective eye, and help you and your people come together to agree on better ways to work together while meeting each other’s needs.


The outcomes of our work include improvements in processes and the leadership skills of your key people, as well as significant, measurable improvements in business results. Depending on your organization’s goals, you can expect to see improvements in quality, productivity, innovation, speed to market, and profitability.


How well does your organization collaborate? Take our no-cost Collaboration Assessment. Then contact us at or 856-599-8742 to learn more about whether we might be able to help you with your most complex initiatives. 

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