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Resolve a Conflict

Stop letting unproductive conflicts rob your company of morale, time, and profit…


In any organization, productive conflicts can lead to constructive discussions, fresh ideas and improvements. However, when conflicts between managers, employees, teams, and even entire business units become dysfunctional, performance suffers.

This is as true for day-to-day operations as it is for implementing major strategic initiatives, leading change, integrating mergers, and getting new teams off the ground.

That’s where Atrium Advisers comes in.

We have a proven approach to resolving unproductive conflicts.

With a confidential, safe, nonjudgmental approach we help the various parties to the conflict understand each person’s positions and communication styles, think about what each person wants in the situation, and develop ways to communicate more effectively so that both parties get more of what they want while achieving positive business outcomes.

We can also work with you so that you can coach your executives to resolve conflicts that they may be having among themselves.

That way, professional relationships are mended and people can move forward without looking back. Productivity and morale get back on track, and results improve almost immediately.

We tailor our approach to whatever works best for you and the situation, whether you require facilitation, mediation, coaching, or training. We can develop a solution for an immediate problem, or a program that gives your team the habits they need to influence, resolve conflicts, and foster collaboration throughout the organization on an ongoing basis.

To download a quick, free conflict resolution process, click here. Or, to set up time to speak about our programs, contact us at 856-599-8742 or

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