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Succession Planning

Here is how to develop a pipeline of leaders who can grow your company, free you up to have more time for strategic issues, and take your career success further than you ever imagined


Do you have at least TWO people ready to take over your job if something happened to you? What about the other key roles in your organization?


Many executives spend so much time focusing on daily and quarterly results that they neglect one of the most important jobs that they have: Creating a pipeline of leaders.


Having a weak pipeline of leaders is like a baseball team with a weak bullpen of relief hitters, or a basketball team with no bench to take over when the starters are injured or need a rest. Your organization simply can’t win without a pipeline of leaders.


The answer is succession planning – but we are not talking about a one-time event to plan successors for each role. Instead, you need to have an ongoing process, baked into your culture, one that constantly recruits, develops, and retains top talent in each and every role.


Atrium Advisers serves as an objective resource to assess your leadership, and then work with you to make sure that your organization has this pipeline of leaders in place. Once that happens, the benefits are tremendous:

  • Growth increases, because you have people ready to help the organization grow, and then run expanded operations.

  • You have more time to spend on strategic issues.

  • People have more opportunity to move up, and so morale and loyalty increase.

  • Your company becomes a magnet for top talent, because prospective employees know that they have opportunities to develop and advance.

Find out whether your organization follows the best practices of succession planning and developing a pipeline of leaders. Take our free assessment by clicking here, or contact us at anytime at 856-599-8742 or

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